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2250D.HK (Hardware)$14.00
2250D.BK.BASE (5 Star Base - Gunmetal Finish)$39.00
2250D.GY.BASE (5 Star Base - Platinum Finish)$39.00
2250D.DRK.BASE (5 Star Base - Black Finish)$39.00
2250D.MECH (Control Mechanism)$49.00
2250D.GAS (Pneumatic Cylinder)$35.00
2250D.BK.ARMS (Armrest Piece - Gunmetal Finish)$69.00
2250D.GY.ARMS (Armrest Piece - Platinum Finish)$69.00
2250D.DRK.ARMS (Armrest Piece - Black Finish)$69.00
2250D.AP (Set of Arm Pads)$22.00
2250D.BK.B (Replacement Back - Gunmetal Finish)$129.00
2250D.GY.B (Replacement Back - Platinum Finish)$129.00
2250D.DRK.B (Replacement Back - Black Finish)$129.00
2250D.BK.S (Replacement Seat - Gunmetal Finish)$99.00
2250D.DRK.S (Replacement Seat - Black Finish)$99.00
2250D.GY.S (Replacement Seat - Platinum Finish)$99.00
8229.CAS (Standard Casters)$30.00
8229.HK (Hardware)$14.00
8229.BASE (5 Star Base)$49.00
8229.MECH (Control Mechanism)$49.00
8229.GAS (Pneumatic Cylinder)$45.00
8229.ARMS (Set of Armrests)$49.00
8229.B (Back)$109.00
8229.S (Seat)$89.00
100KE.HK (Hardware)$14.00
100KE.BASE (5 Star Base)$39.00
100KE.MECH (Control Mechanism)$49.00
100KE.GAS (Pneumatic Cylinder)$35.00
100KE.ARMS (Set of Armrests)$45.00
100KE.AP (Set of Arm Pads)$22.00
100KE.B.GY (Gray Back)$59.00
100KE.B.BK (Black Back)$59.00
100KE.S.GY (Gray Seat)$54.00
100KE.S.BK (Black Seat)$54.00
6058C-D.HK (Hardware)$14.00
6058C-D.BASE (5 Star Base)$39.00
6058C-D.MECH (Control Mechanism)$49.00
6058C-D.GAS (Pneumatic Cylinder)$35.00
6058C-D.ARMS (Set of Armrests)$45.00
6058C-D.AP (Set of Arm Pads)$22.00
6058C-D.B.GY (Gray Back)$65.00
6058C-D.B.BK (Black Back)$65.00
6058C-D.S.GY (Gray Seat)$69.00
6058C-D.S.BK (Black Seat)$69.00
6058C-D-L.HK (Hardware)$14.00
6058C-D-L.BASE (5 Star Base)$39.00
6058C-D-L.MECH (Control Mechanism)$49.00
6058C-D-L.GAS (Pneumatic Cylinder)$35.00
6058C-D-L.ARMS (Set of Armrests)$45.00
6058C-D-L.AP (Set of Arm Pads)$22.00
6058C-D-L.B (Leather Back)$75.00
6058C-D-L.S (Leather Seat)$79.00
3052D.HK (Hardware Kit)$14.00
3052D.BASE (5 Star Base)$49.00
3052D.MECH (Control Mechanism)$49.00
3052D.GAS (Pneumatic Cylinder)$35.00
3052D.ARMS (Set of Armrests)$45.00
3052D.AP (Set of Arm Pads)$22.00
3052D.HREST (Headrest)$47.00
3052D.B (Back)$99.00
3052D.S (Seat)$79.00
100KL.HK (Hardware)$14.00
100KL.BASE (5 Star Base)$39.00
100KL.MECH (Control Mechanism)$49.00
100KL.GAS (Pneumatic Cylinder)$35.00
100KL.ARMS (Set of Armrests)$45.00
100KL.AP (Set of Arm Pads)$22.00
100KL.B (Back)$89.00
100KL.S (Seat)$79.00
FOOTRING (All Harwick Drafting Models)$22.00
.CAS (Standard Casters)$20.00
HF-CASTER (Hard Floor Casters)$25.00
GLIDES (Floor Glides)$20.00