My old office chair tended to have a huge squeaky problem and it eventually snapped in two. So, I had to buy a new one as soon as possible. I got my hands on this chair by Harwick, and to say the least, I'm extremely, honestly impressed. It's easy to lounge around in and doesn't cause my spine or bottom to ache after a long period of usage. I highly recommend this chair if you're a home worker like myself.

L. Reddick

The 100KL is an awesome chair. It is really comfortable and works well in the office. I honestly could not have picked a better product as I am beyond satisfied with its performance and comfort!

J. Pereira

This chair is honestly crazy comfortable and reasonably priced. This has to be one of the best chairs I've bought online especially considering how comfortable this is. Would completely recommend the 3052D for anyone who needs a comfortable drafting chair!

D. Taylor

I needed a chair that would provide excellent back support while I was working at a bench and the 100KL is it. Most bench chairs I've used have been no more useful than a stool with a back. This chair has excellent height and lots of adjustments for position, comfort and support. I've been using it for a couple of weeks and I can sit in it and work for hours with no trouble.

M. Schimmelman

When the Harwick 6058C-D arrived at our house I couldn't wait to assemble it. I was impressed not only at the ease of assembly but also at the obvious sturdiness of the design. I am a big and tall man and this chair really handles the load. The only con was that I couldn't get my wife off of it, so I ordered a second one.


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